Belron® International

A Leading Global glass replacement company with business units across the globe tasked Westpoint to produce an application which would improve the efficiency and reduce costs of an existing and instrumental process. This application would then be used to facilitate a smooth workflow for multiple business units across Europe. Although we are unable to give specific details regarding the project as it is still ongoing we can highlight and detail the AWS services we implemented for cost saving and efficiency to Belron.

Toyota North America

Toyota North America connected with Westpoint to help with the build and deploy of an identity Access management Project. Although still underway and in full flow, the project has had significant victories so far. Our dedicated team for this Project have been utilising their extensive DevOps knowledge along with Specific Identity providers such as Forgerock and OAuth to make serious ground in a high security project.

Class For Kids

Class 4 Kids is the market leader platform for extracurricular activities and classes for children in the United Kingdom. It offers teachers and coaches a simple way to create and manage payments, classes, students and also allows parents to find and book classes for their children from the comfort of their home. The C4K Team have already created an amazing solution built on Legacy systems, which supports tens of thousands of parents and coaches every day in the country.

Focusing towards the growth of their platform, they decided to migrate some of their services into the AWS Serverless architecture, which would facilitate the addition of new features to provide an even more efficient service to their clients. For this migration, Westpoint architected and developed a notification system which would homogeneously integrate with their running system, as the first microservice to be migrated into the cloud.