The 3 pillars of building scalable & indestructable software that always performs.

Serverless Applications.

We have integrated devops into the development process.

Our method is a paradigm shift in software productivity. Our customers are able to focus their resources on delivering new features as opposed to keeping their application stack on life support. AWS's serverless engine combined with our tooling & practices will give you a competitive edge.

Integrated Security

Protocols & standards based approach to security

Data & application security are crucial elements of resilient, self healing software. We stick to the best practices, conform to standards & follow the guidelines set by experts to improve security & interoperability.


We're deep in it, the tooling is coming along. Blockchain is getting ready for prime time.

We're feeling an early 90s internet buzz like phenomenon in Blockchain. We've spent months trying out the technology, After countless prototypes, we are now ready to help our customers bring the power of Blockchain to their business. While not useful for every use case, the Blockchain can be an incredible tool to drive the next digital revolution.

See how Blockchain can help your business

Closing Skill Gaps & Staff Augmentation.