Why Serverless

No Devops, No Babysitting

You don't need to run servers with installed OS/Software, constantly requiring fixes, updates & security patches. All of the work of making sure you have stable immutable environments to run your code are guaranteed by underlying AWS & GCP solutions.

This used to require 3rd party libraries to achieve, but now these platforms natively support ways of provisioning these serverless services.

A Total Paradigm Shift

Build your high-quality Minimum Viable Product and go to market quickly.

We develop high-quality serverless solutions that allow you to start, launch, and validate your startup business model rapidly and efficiently.

Engage Serverless Specialists

With huge benefits in terms to innovation & long term economics of software, serverless technologies aren't risk free. Not done right, the architecture can become complicated & costs can get out of hand since the system can scale indefinitely.

At Westpoint we have the right tooling, experties and experience in serverless development to avoid the potential pitfalls to unleash software development productivity.