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Combining cloud-native capabilities in software and data engineering with an unparalleled track record of scalable re architecture and delivery.

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Our AWS Partnership

Explore our strategic AWS Partnership, leveraging cloud excellence to deliver scalable, secure, and robust software solutions.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which positions us at the forefront of cloud innovation. This collaboration enhances our ability to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions that drive efficiency and innovation.

Our AWS partnership reflects our commitment to providing scalable, secure, and agile cloud infrastructures, enabling us to tailor robust solutions for our clients' unique business challenges. As AWS partners, we have exclusive access to a wealth of resources, training, and tools that keep us ahead of the curve, ensuring our clients benefit from the latest technological advancements.

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Harnessing Cloud Technology for Eco-Friendly Progress

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Our AWS-powered, serverless solution efficiently handles big data and machine learning. This enables us to analyze extensive datasets and provide accurate, scalable, and secure predictive services.

Building on the robust foundation of AWS, our serverless architecture simplifies operations and cuts infrastructure management costs. This seamless integration accelerates deployment times, fostering quicker innovation and enhanced market responsiveness.

"I’ve never had such an easy, bug-free public launch before. This really speaks to the quality of the code... We have tons of users already and everything is working perfectly—no alarms, no snags, nothing."

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Embracing Serverless Solutions for Enhanced Customer Service

Our work with Belron has led to a serverless global solution, developed by the WestPoint team to streamline operations using data from varied sources. This collaboration highlights our commitment to innovation and customer service.

Utilizing AWS's cloud infrastructure, our approach is scalable and efficient, ensuring secure and flexible data management in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

"In Belron® International's opinion, based on its experience in relation to this project, Westpoint has a very detailed knowledge of serverless architecture, design and implementation, whilst taking into account the timelines set by Belron® International's business units."


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We wrote a book

Read our book for an in-depth look at how we approach software development and create success stories with our clients.

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AWS CDK in Practice

In our book, we explore the paradigm shift brought by AWS CDK in developing, extending, and maintaining cloud applications with ease. Discover how this revolutionary approach simplifies the complexities of running reliable solutions, empowering developers to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technology.

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